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Blogs I Read:


  • sacha chua::living an awesome life
    2010-07-01 Thu
    A really nice blog. Shares everything and anything related to her life. Inspired by the way she posts weekly and monthly reviews. Lots of technology related stuff – emacs too!
  • Seth’s Blog
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Management is nothing but common sense. Awesome posts!

as soon as a post is made, hopefully

  • Anagh’s Ramblings
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Philosophical Ramblings.
  • broodings
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Ringo’s broodings. Very sparse posts, but worth the wait.
  • Chintu’s place
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Philosophy, Nature, Life, Ramblings, Science – it has it all. Some hard hitting pieces of writing by Chaitu.
  • cloudnine
    2010-07-01 Thu
    9’s blog. period.
  • jd:/dev/blog
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Julien Danjou’s blog with loads of stuff that excites me – Emacs, org-mode, Debian, system administration, everything Free Software related.

    I also like the way his site looks. If ever, I have a home page, it will look very similar to his. :)

  • me, myself and py
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Nishanth’s adventures with Python, the programming language.
  • Objective Thinking
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Common sense, which is uncommon. Observations of life by a God fearing middle-class person with the ambitions of a millionaire
  • Orderly Randomness
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Awesome Doodles by Vinay, on a Nokia 5800. Most of them made while waiting – either for an order to arrive, or the clothes to be washed or a turn at the TT table or for the train stop.
  • passion8+1
    2010-07-01 Thu
    9’s photo blog. period.
  • Reflections…
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Thought provoking stuff. Observations of life in general.
  • Scribblings
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Poetic scribblings of a nature lover.
  • The 252 Lafoots
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Just simple plain lafootgiri. period.
  • Vatsap?
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Adventures with Beer, Books, Bicycles, …
  • When you travel without a destination
    2010-07-31 Sat 08:51
    Nishanth’s travel blog. I’d have hoped to be a part of few of the travels, but the blog url says it all. ;-)


old posts from. [No more new posts]

  • ?
    2010-07-01 Thu
    A lovely blog with lots of poetry. Aptly used to be called the baffled mind. It’s now password protected too. :-(
  • Adventures in Goa
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Niku’s blog. Some brilliant pieces of writing – most of which have been removed. Life, College, Education, Adventure, Books, etc.
  • musings
    2010-07-01 Thu
    Tejaswi’s blog – one of the blogs which inspired me to start one of my own. Some really memorable pieces of writing.


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  1. punchagan said:

    This page is always under construction…
    I would be more than happy if u can gimme some interesting links to be put up here!! :D

    I know I need to sort them… I’ll do it soon.. :P

  2. The page is under construction but very interesting. :)

  3. […] Nought… “Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind” — John Milton UnNought-BlogsUnNought-Others « […]

  4. :) blogging is such an awesome phenomenon!

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