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Aluva to Mumbai

2010-08-03 Tue 02:32

Heavy down-pour and landslides caused our train to be delayed by over 12 hours. But the journey was on the whole enjoyable.

The novelty of the journey was that we had a bus ride from Adavali to Ratnagiri, arranged by the Indian Railways, owing to bad tracks near Ratnagiri. It was very well planned and neatly executed. Kudos Indian Railways! The Konkan Rail route was at it’s usual best.

2010-08-15 Sun
UPDATE: A post by Nishanth is here.


Looking through the view finder

2010-07-26 Mon 10:59

After a trek, I had an interesting conversation with Ritesh, about taking pictures during a trip. He said, he started to realize that when he’s lost in the cycle of click, see, analyze, click, … when he’s got a cam in his hand. He didn’t have a cam on this trek and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I connect to this phenomenon, as well. I think, like Ritesh says, having separate trips for Photography makes sense. On other trips, we could be clicking, but just for the sake of memory. Trying to get amazing photographs shouldn’t be a goal. I should refrain from –

  1. looking at the output and adjusting repeatedly until it’s perfect.
  2. clicking too many pictures in a given length of time.

For both of this, a film camera seems to be the solution!

What say, Ritesh?

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