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Contributing to FOSS

2010-08-19 Thu 00:06

gora asked for some good links (on ##linux-india) to redirect newbies, enthusiastic about contributing to FOSS.

I dug up a few links from the web – some that I read, when I was starting off with using GNU/Linux and FOSS, others are newer links.

Just making a note of them here; hoping someone would find it useful.

  • How to Become a Hacker – A definitive how-to on becoming a hacker. Answers all the right questions. :)
  • Philosophy of the GNU Project – This is the page, where I started. Thanks to Voodoo for giving me the link to this page. I distinctly remember that day. :) I’m going to pass on this link to any newbie who comes my way, no matter how much bashing I get from other FOSS evangelists.
  • 6 Easy Ways To Get Started Programming Open Source – A neat list giving steps to get started with programming for open source. I like #4. Understanding the social dynamics of the project is an important thing which is often overlooked by newbies.
  • OpenHatch – A community site to help newbies get started with contributing to FOSS. A cool site. Also, here is a story about OpenHatch.
  • Look at the Numbers! – an interesting paper giving quantitative data in support of using FOSS.
  • Ubuntu – Code of Conduct – A nice description of general conduct expected in any of the FOSS communities, not just Ubuntu.

I’d be happy to add any other links that any of you share. Thanks!


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