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Another win for them!

2010-08-16 Mon 21:55

South Central Railways(SCR) has banned photography in stations, as a measure to prevent Terrorism. Terrorism by definition is “the act of terrorizing; a mode of government by terror or intimidation.” Doesn’t this decision by SCR define a victory for the people they are trying to stop?

Anyway, if you are carrying a camera and are tempted to shoot in the railway station, go get a permission letter from the Chief PRO. :-/



I’ve been caught “shooting” with a camera and looked upon as ‘terrorist’ material. Not once or twice, but 4 times, at 3 different places, by different people. Friends with “pro” cameras (or pro-looking ones) have been stopped on quite a few occasions being mistaken for reporters. I’m not talking of those instances. I am counting the times when I’ve been in “real” trouble and was treated as a potential terrorist. Four Times.
The last time was special, since I was robbed of cash by a Public servant in the ‘Khakhi’, who was apparently doing his duties! I leave the cribbing about corrupt men and lost cash for later. It obviously didn’t feel nice, being treated in that fashion.
And that, just for having a camera and trying to learn the art of “shooting” pictures. Thankfully, it was something that I could, shut off (along with my mouth) and throw into my backpack.
What of people born to parents who believe in a particular god. People suspected for what their parents named them. People suspected for dressing the way their fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters dress.
Wonder when the world ‘ll grow up…

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