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Post-Q,W,A Post

Back again with another khichdi of a post.

  • Quark, Waves and Apogee. [For the uninitiated, Quark is our technical festival and Waves, our Cul-fest] I had been to BITS-Pilani, for attending their Tech-fest, Apogee.
    • One would expect Apogee to end up the best, but we were thoroughly disappointed. It came nowhere near the perfection of Quark and things seemed quite unprofessional. Hats-off to Chaitu n others in the Quark Org-Co. I’m already worried about missing Quark’09 [thanks to my PS]
    • The specials at all three events were unforgettable. Feeding the Fish, the Air Shows (Naval and Amateur planes), the Orchestral performance, Special Performance [Aasra], Sand art by Gagan and Mithali!
    • Had the opportunity, to meet/have a look at some of the guys studying at colleges in their home towns. For once, I felt being in a “reputed”, national college does matter.
    • Felt good spending some time with good ol’ friends at Pilani.
    • Always believed organizing events isn’t my forte, but, helped organize a couple of events at Quark. Feels good.
    • Effective Communication is less about how well you choose your words but more about your quantum of concern for the other person and the matter at hand!
  • Pilani Campus, Love at First sight. Never really felt like coming back.
    • The arts/non-technical clubs there are simply superb! We have a lot to learn
    • Cycling on campus. A dream come true!
    • All Night Canteen is a real hangout place!
    • Green, Greener, Greenest. Never really felt like we were in the deserts of Rajasthan.
    • …. the list can go on and on. I’ll stop here.
  • FOSS n me.
    • Attended my first FOSS event! The Install Fest @ Quark. Wasn’t as awe inspiring as I would’ve liked it to be, but still a memorable one. Simply for being my first install-fest and for the lessons we learnt.
    • FOSSKriti’08 is one event I’ll regret missing. It was absolutely amazing. I’m just hoping, people here too get to that level soon enough.
    • Free Software and Freeware ain’t the same stuff. It’s extremely painful when people address FOSS stuff as freeware. Free Software is Software that’s Free as in Free Speech n Freeware is software that if free as in free beer.
    • Eagerly awaiting v2. Can’t wait to get back home!
    • Enjoying my time on and #linux-india. The new DC hub (GNOME) for FOSS junta is cool too!
    • There’s an urgent need to start contributing to FOSS. But how?
  • Haven’t yet found myself an intern/project for summer. Wonder what’s in store, this summer.
  • Most of the gang’s On-Campus next sem. Will really miss Voodoo though. Hoping he has a rocking PS.
  • Hoping we won’t have to shift hostels next sem.
  • Appreciation is a great motivator. Expressing it promptly is important. I’m bad at it. Should work on it.
  • “The gang” is like a flock of birds in flight.
  • This semester is coming to an end already, and I don’t have anything I’d be proud of.
  • Wonder why I have absolutely no feelings about the farewell we’d be having soon.
  • Awaiting Ugadi Celebs. Seems like they are gonna rock more than ever.
  • Gone are those days, when I used to post because something I had to write about, compelled me to do so. These days, the long inactivity on my blog is turning out to be the sole reason for my posts. [A few Rare Exceptions though, and this one isn’t] I wonder if its because life’s become uneventful or because I grew lazier or because of something else.
  • I don’t like posting accounts of events from the recent/distant past, but I’m doing it just to prevent my blog’s death.

    Quark’08 !

    Life “In-gen”

    Another post, with nothing concrete to say…

    • These are just a few random musings, for those curious about my life and for the good health of my Blog which is so close to its death..
    • College (+ Hostel) is amongst few places, that everyone on Earth(& elsewhere) *must* get the chance to be in. There’s a whole new world out here, with hell a lotuva things you can do, Here and Only Here… [I am not, by any means, talking of acads!]
    • Projects. Yes they are a part of almost all my random stuff… cos I just Love them, when they are self-assigned and off-hand. They get even more exciting, when the learning curve is Steep!
    • Deadlines can be wonderful things, if only I learn to respect them.
    • Lab-Tests, i guess, are amongst the most hyped tests in the World! They aren’t worth all that fuss.
    • Grades ain’t everything in Life. Not even if you are doing Engineering!
    • I live amidst wonderful singers, marvelous music composers, facile lyric writers, cool Hackers, amazing photographers, inspiring poets and what not. [Why the hell do people then, look just for the “industrious” grade scorers?]
    • Music and Sleep are Great Healers. Laughter, too, is a close competitor.
    • GNU/Linux is addictive. More n more people getting addicted, everyday!
    • RHCE’s got a pretty interesting test. Its rare to be interested in undergoing the torture of a test, ain’t it?
    • Rules seem to be total crap, until you get the chance to look at them from above.
    • Quark’08 coming up! Gottu gear up for it!
    • Comprees?? They don’t bother me so much any more.
    • Finally, for those who found all the above stuff boring and dumb… here’s some food for thought

      The Best things in Life aren’t Things…

    Best Things in Life


    Such wonderful things they are… bringing to us.. such a joy [even if its about something not so pleasant…]… the joy of discovering things.. of realising a truth… that was hidden somewhere within… brought out with an elegant swoooosh!!…

    We, [9,Voodoo,Ravi,UC n me] were just walking on the street… enjoying the evening… after a nice day @ Quark [Day 2]… We were having a casual discussion… not discussing anything in particular… but somehow the discussion led to a project uc,ravi n me [ and probably the others are too..(they didn’t talk abt it…)] are interested in… [i don’t wanna give any more info abt the project.. bcos it may seem over-ambitious to a few.. not that it hasn’t been done already…. but…] neways….

    so… while we were talkin abt it… uc said, he didn’t have any clue about that thing worked… and we all were wondering too… thinking about some possible solutions/methods….[I was actually trying to recollect something i came across… some time back…] but then suddenly 9 jumped in, to say…

    Don’t think about how ‘that’ works… Just think about how ‘YOU’ would make it work!!

    Oh my God!! now that’s what’s a REVELATION… I was just dumb-struck… that one small statement of his… drowned me in its depths… I feel I still haven’t come out of it… A big big revelation at the most unexpected of times, at the most unexpected of places…. [though 9 wouldn’t agree with this… being his usual modest self…]

    Its been proved time and again… “they” can occur anywhere… anytime and to anyone… while you are on the street.. in your room.. at work… or even in the loo… [Most ppl have a lot of them here!!].. we just need to keep our eyes n ears open… and most importantly our Mind……

    ps: it seems…me not delving out the details about our ambitious project.. makes this post a little vague, uninteresting n difficult to relate to… but still…

    In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind
    Louis Pasteur

    Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired.
    Richard Kemph

    Quark 07

    This post is to promote QUARK’07… This post is here… little due to my desire.. and almost totally bcos somebody [the ppl here at coll..] expect “us” to do it..
    Blogspot.. Orkut..[i don’t use it any more] were blocked on campus [don’t ask why cos none of us have been able to figure out.. atleast about Blogspot..] but the blocks have been lifted for a fortnight.. just so that we can publicise Quark [our techfest..] Its from 17th March to 19th March.. check out the link for more details..
    So ppl.. Quark coming up :)…
    and… blocks coming up too :(…
    [But why Blogspot???]

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