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Some fun from #org-mode

2010-10-02 Sat 20:26

This is a conversation from #org-mode, published without permission from plovs, BerntH and bremner. If any of you want any of the content removed, I will do so.

<punchagan> hi all

<BerntH> hi punchagan [18:36]

<punchagan> BerntH: ever used/tried blorg or blorgit? [18:47]

<punchagan> I like the way org-publish works, but blorg exports one org file as a blog. If blorg were to be re-written on top of org-publish, how should it be done? use one file per post or just one file for the whole blog? [18:52]

<bremner> punchagan: another option is to use ikiwiki and use the org-mode plugin to render pages. This is what i do, although only a bit of the site is in org. [19:44]

<punchagan> bremner: can I have a look at your site? [19:45]

<bremner> sure, it ain’t pretty, but: [19:46]

<punchagan> thanks. I’ll keep this in mind. [19:47]

<punchagan> I just loved the way this site looks and behaves –

<bremner> well, the side bar at least is possible with ikiwiki. Other than that I suppose it is mainly a matter of css [19:48]

<BerntH> punchagan: nope [19:49]

<punchagan> ok BerntH [19:50]

<plovs> punchagan ikiwiki does have an org-mode plugin [19:56]

<punchagan> plovs: yes, bremner told me that and I’ve seen on Worg too. :)

<plovs> punchagan ah, yes, sorry

<punchagan> plovs: it’s alright. [19:59]

<plovs> punchagan another possibility is org2blog, which uses wordpress

<punchagan> plovs: I’m the author of it. :D

<plovs> lol, ik, that punchagan [20:17]

<punchagan> lol

<punchagan> plovs: were you kidding? or serious? [20:19]

<plovs> punchagan sorry to say i was serious, but it will not happen again :-)

<plovs> i really like org2blog, played with it yesterday

<punchagan> plovs: no. I was just wondering if you were playing around with me. :P

<punchagan> I’m happy some one thinks it is useful.

<plovs> lol, no, i just didn’t recognized your name, although it is kind of hard to miss [20:21]

<punchagan> I hope you don’t mind, if I make this anecdote public?


org2blog on the web

Well, it’s been a week of lull on my blog. Not that I’m very busy. But, just didn’t have anything to post. I was feeling jobless today and searched the web for org2blog users. Here is what I found.

org2blog annoyance

2010-08-03 Tue 03:14

I hate it when I’m trying out things with org2blog – fixing bugs or adding features – and my testing buffer gets posted. Why do I keep passing the prefix argument with C-u? I should probably work with a local instance of WordPress.

Thanks Sacha

2010-07-30 Fri 06:59

I just wanted to thank Sacha Chua for bearing with my newbie elisp code and trying out org2blog.

Also, thanks for the two patches she sent.

  1. Feature addition – Posting sub-trees instead of whole buffers. I had this feature in mind, and had started working on it after her request, but she was too quick for me! ;)
  2. Cleaning up of the code that uploads images.

I’m loving it!

ditaa and Org mode

This post is a reply to a comment on my blog asking how to insert ascii-art in org-mode documents.

To simply get the diagram in ascii, put the text into your file as “code”.

:  +--------------+
:  |              |
:  |   Analysis   |
:  +------+-------+
:        |
:        |
:        |
:        v
:  +--------------+
:  |              |
:  |   Design     |
:  +------+-------+
:        |
:        |
:        v
:  +--------------+
:  |              |
:  | Programming  |
:  +--------------+
 |              |
 |   Analysis   |
 |              |
 |   Design     |
 |              |
 | Programming  |

You can get beautiful images using org-mode. The present versions of org-mode comes along with ditaa.

To use ditaa, you will need to have java installed.

#+begin_ditaa communication.png -r -S
        +-----------+        +---------+
        |    PLC    |        |         |
        |  Network  +<------>+   PLC   +<---=---------+
        |    cRED   |        |  c707   |              |
        +-----------+        +----+----+              | 
                                  ^                   | 
                                  |                   | 
                                  |  +----------------|-----------------+
                                  |  |                |                 |
                                  v  v                v                 v
          +----------+       +----+--+--+      +-------+---+      +-----+-----+       Windows clients
          |          |       |          |      |           |      |           |      +----+      +----+
          | Database +<----->+  Shared  +<---->+ Executive +<-=-->+ Operator  +<---->|cYEL| . . .|cYEL|
          |   c707   |       |  Memory  |      |   c707    |      | Server    |      |    |      |    |
          +--+----+--+       |{d} cGRE  |      +------+----+      |   c707    |      +----+      +----+
             ^    ^          +----------+             ^           +-------+---+
             |    |                                   |                        
             |    +--------=--------------------------+                    
    |                 |                                                         
    | Millwide System |            -------- Data ---------                      
    | cBLU            |            --=----- Signals ---=--                      

Neat, ain’t it?

org2blog README

This is a test post from org2blog to test posting subtrees.


org2blog provides a simple way of publishing from org-mode to WordPress blogs. Presently supports posting with categories, tags and images. It uploads images on the local system automatically to your wordpress blog.

It is inspired by and based on a wordpress posting client for muse-mode written by Ashish Shukla.

org2blog is licensed under GPLv3


Download org2blog for github

git clone

Add the org2blog directory to your load path and then add

(require 'org2blog)

to your dot emacs. You can optionally save the xmlrpc url of your blog and the username.

(setq org2blog-server-url ""
      org2blog-server-user "username")

Note – org2blog depends on xml-rpc available at Launchpad. Add it to your load-path before using org2blog.


  1. Log in using M-x org2blog-login. Provide xmlrpc url, username, password and blog-id (not in use now; useful when editing posts). Optionally, you could set these in your .emacs.
  2. To start writing a new post use M-x org2blog-new-entry. Tags to your post are comma separated values passed to KEYWORDS. Categories are comma separated values passed to DESCRIPTION. Completion (for both) is triggered using C-c t. If a new category is used you will be prompted before adding it.
  3. Use C-c p to Publish or C-c d to post as draft. Use C-c P to Publish as page or C-c D to save page as draft.
  4. You could also publish your exiting org files.
    • Add #+TITLE, #+OPTIONS, #+KEYWORDS, #+DESCRIPTION, #+DATE, to your file. All of these are Optional. If a #+TITLE is absent, your post will be untitled.
    • If you wish to edit an existing post, add a #+POSTID.
    • To post as draft – M-x org2blog-post-entry
    • To publish – C-u M-x org2blog-post-entry
    • Alternatively, you could enable org2blog-mode using M-x org2blog-mode. This provides the key-bindings C-c p, C-c d and C-c t.
    • To post entry as a page, use M-x org2blog-post-entry-as-page
  5. Thanks to Sacha, you can now also post a subtree with M-x org2blog-post-subtree. Tags of the subtree will be used for tags. Other properties can be set using a property drawer.
  6. To delete an entry or a page –
    • If you are in the buffer of the entry/page, with #+POSTID present on the page, use M-x org2blog-delete-entry or M-x org2blog-delete-page
    • If you want to delete a particular post (whose post-id is known) from any buffer, use C-u post-id M-x org2blog-delete-entry. Similarly, for a page.


  1. You may want to look at the Export options and HTML export sections of the org-manual.
  2. If you wish to post to blogger from org-mode, look at the g-client extension by T. V. Raman.

I’m back

After a short break, I’m back to blogging! A few things have changed meanwhile. A lot haven’t.

  • Noetic Nought shall now be called Rustic Reverie.
  • The Blogs I read page is now manually populated. More pages might be coming soon.
  • My web presence has almost been reduced to just this blog. I hope to be blogging more often this time around. I guess I’ll have shorter and more frequent posts. “Release early, Release often.”
  • I’ve been inspired by Sacha Chua and her wonderful blog. She puts up anything that –
    • she may look up in future.
    • could be remotely useful to anybody on this planet.

    I like her idea of “thinking of writing as sketching”. “Keep repeating yourself, until the core message floats to the top”. It feels similar to the idea – “Release early, Release often.”

  • Also, Thanks to Madhu and Vattam who set an impossibly high standard by having their resumes and letters of recommendations and other “personal” stuff on version control on public repositories.
  • All my posts will be made from org2blog – a little org-mode based client that I hacked up. Emacs and Org-mode all the way! This is the first post by me (and probably anybody) from org2blog!

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