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Change & Free flow

2010-07-30 Fri 06:33

No. Not the Obama change. I’m talking of change as in small denominations of cash. Everybody is reluctant to part with it. There’s always a problem with getting it. I’m often worried before getting into a bus or an auto, or going to a shop whether or not the guy would give me change for a 50, 100 or a 500. People so reluctant to “part” with it. What are they saving it for?

I think the situation would be much better if people readily gave it, when required. There would be a free flow and if not anything more, I wouldn’t have to worry about it when going somewhere. But, I “feel” this would actually reduce the instances when both the parties don’t have enough change with them. What do you think?


Super Power Play

My first Cricket match in a stadium. I regret that it was a T-20. I’m happy, though, to have got the darshan of bhaiyya a.k.a Sachin. Also, I did enjoy the energy of being in a stadium.

I was actually intent on watching MI vs. RR, but, junta voted in favor of the Opening Ceremony. It was a grandiloquent let-down, but for the fireworks. There was nothing really spectacular about the ceremony. A mediocre performance… With the kind of money they have at hand, and have spent, I really would’ve liked something better.

The match. DC vs. KKR. DC lost a game that it could’ve comfortably won. It would’ve been a decent match to watch, if not for the stupid DJ-ing. The game looked so different from what I’m used to seeing on the TV. [The only thing that was exactly as I saw in TV was, the crowd drooling at the cheer girls.]

I was shocked by the amount of disturbance a player has to overcome, while playing. Has the “gentle-man’s” game turned into a “super-man’s” game? Between each and every ball, the DJ is either shouting some incomprehensible inanities or playing some crazy “number” at the highest volume. The batsmen almost had to wait for him to shut up, before each ball. Can someone tell me if these are perks that the third version brings with it, or if I was happily ignorant, thanks to the TV watching? The heart-beat sound in the final overs was ridiculously annoying. I was looking forward to one of the batsmen throwing his bat at the DJ.

Also, it’s a big joke to call this ground a “home” for DC. It was nothing close to a home ground, in terms of the crowd. I don’t see Cuttack being any more homely, especially with the Kalinga Sena already passing crazy orders to the cricketers. DC will have to play exceedingly well to end-up anywhere near the top. But, amidst all this, I’m happy for the people of AP. With a huge electric-power crisis looming ahead, they have already saved (or produced) power worth 7 IPL matches!

Also, this is the end of IPL v3 for me. I’m done with cricket for this season.

ps: Trying out new wordpress features of Twitter, Facebook announces.

Bills and Billboards

I was travelling in a bus today, when I overheard two people sitting behind me. One of the guy was telling the other about his brother’s job and the hardships he faces. The guy they were talking about, practically risks his life, to be able to eat a square meal. He works on Billboards, used to paint them and now that there aren’t enough people who get them painted, pastes the vinly posters on to the boards.

All day a guy struggles hard, to transform an ugly looking, old hoarding into a huge attractive advertisement and he is paid so well, that he has to slog it out to make ends meet for his family of four. They who get the paintings made or the posters put up, are striking it rich with loads of money and fame. Those who drive by, are having a good time watching that beautiful looking woman there or fantasizing themselves in that wonderful car up there. Then why is this person here, who slogs it out, making so many people happy, struggling to see a smile on his daughter?

When people around can get paid handsomely for having a jolly time in the air-conditioned room, puking out a few lines of code each day, can’t this guy, sweating it out in this may heat, get a better deal? Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong somewhere?


A DJ nite’s going on here.. for WAVES…. I just went there for a while…. The arrangements were pretty good… with Huge huge huge spks.. [I can still hear the Music quite loud.. sitting here in my room.. which is quite a distance form the Venue…] There’s real Heart throbbing music [Literally… With speakers of over 15000W your heart really throbs… dub.. dub.. dub…] being played there…

I was just wondering if we really needed such extravagant stuff… I know that such events bring ppl together… but do we need to spend so much money just to have a have a good dance with friends?? When a large number of people aren’t able to get their basic neccessities like a Square Meal, Clean drinking water, proper clothing and shelter… here we are enjoying a good dance with friends… with elaborately made extravagant arrangements… [of course the money isn’t ours… but…] [ I know a lot of guys wud’ve a lot to say against me…. but.. its ok..]

There can’t be perfect equality in this world… of which duality is an integral part…. every elementary particle has a dual nature… so its but obvious that every thing in this world has a dual to it… so its not possible to have a perfect world with everybody equally placed.. if there is a rich.. then there will be a poor… if there is joy.. then there will be despair… if there is light.. then there will be darkness…

But can’t we do anything… can’t we spread the light to every place that we possibly could?? Can’t we get together to minimize the difference? Join the race against nature… do your bit…

This, probably, is a good place to start off…

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