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Monikers and the Internet

Like most bloggers, I keep looking at my blogs hits once in a while. (Sometimes inspires to write better; and more often.) The post that gets most hits these days is my post on mailman, postfix, et al. But the search term that’s increasingly bringing people to my blog is “punchagan”.

This scares me. What makes people search for me? What makes people search more often these days? Why am I scared?

Why do people use monikers or online identities? I started off with the idea of anonymity and privacy; keeping my online identify separate from my real one. But it, obviously, is a folly to have you email id with the same handle. Now, almost anybody who knows me, also knows my online handle. They can find me anywhere and everywhere with just a few keystrokes (and Google). Also, the uniqueness of my handle doesn’t help one bit. Any search returns over 90% relevant results.

Is it time to get lost in the crowd with a new handle? ;) Probably not. I don’t have much to hide under the covers. Let the world see — who I am, who I have been; where I am, where I have been.



The ‘Academic’ Internet

Notice for the Internet Usage

Internet Facility is provided to students for academic activities and e-mails. It is observed that few students are misusing the Internet facility by using excessive internet bandwidth for non-academic purposes. The students who are running the hubs are strictly informed to close their hubs. Computer Center will be starting official hub for the sharing of academic information and open source softwares.

If a student is found while doing so the network facility will be blocked by Computer Center for a semester. Further, a student will be called by a disciplinary committee and a severe disciplinary action will be taken.

This Notice from the Computer Center is creating waves all around. This isn’t the first time, though, that the people in-charge of the Network have “acted”.
Academic activities; wonder what it’s definition is, in their dictionaries. It surely includes the following.

  • Using Internet for ‘academic activities’ or emails, during class-room hours makes no sense.
  • Anything ‘academic’ cannot have a size greater than 5 MB.
  • Accessing version control systems ( svn, cvs et al ) cannot be classified ‘academic’
  • IRC cannot teach you anything. Don’t ever dream of thinking it as ‘academic’ to hang out on #python or #emacs
  • All ‘academic’ stuff is limited to the http(s) ports. You wouldn’t need to use any other ports, ever.
  • Any ‘academic’ activity fits within a span of 2 hours or can be done in blocks of 2 hours each, with gaps of 2 hours in between.
  • ‘Academic’ stuff doesn’t definitely contain key-words chosen by the “all-knowing” admins.

Moreover, the people in-charge who refused to allow the use of a computer in the CC as a server for on-campus repositories of GNU/Linux packages, now wish to host a ‘hub’ for sharing open-source softwares! There’s already an official ftp server which hosts the academic info and a few useful softwares. I don’t see how a hub would be different.

We don’t have any disciplinary committees for people smoking in hostel rooms, causing a lot of trouble for others around them, but we are going to have them for hosting hubs. ( Well, a new law banning smoking in public places in India has been passed just a few days ago. Hopefully it’ll work better than the older one, since now there’s some pressure on the people in-charge of the public place. )

Also, it could be argued that college isn’t meant only for ‘academic’ learning and a lots of other learning takes place here (and the hubs were definitely helping quite a bit) but I’ll leave that for another day, probably. Also, I don’t think 18+ year olds, people who are about to step into various big roles, leading the country need to be told how to make use of the facilities/resources available to them; A degree of freedom is indispensable, I believe.

I appreciate the efforts being made to improve the network situation here and also help the students get the most ( ‘academically’ ) out of their college experience, but I feel the situation deserves more careful handling.

Mid-Term ‘Psycho’Analysis

Its been 10 days on my sabbatical[1][2]. I have done reasonably well during the first week, but now its getting on my nerves. I have realized how addicted I am to chat, IRC and the Internet. I have to soon find some remedies for this.
Well, here is the first step. I approached ELIZA[3] (or Doctor Fill, that’s actually the emacs mode) , the Emacs Psychotherapist to help me. An enjoyable chat this one! ;)
ELIZA (Doctor Fill) abbreviated as DF (pun intended, for those who get it)

DF: I am the psychotherapist. Please, describe your problems. Each time
you are finished talking, type RET twice.

Hi. Nice meeting you.

DF: How do you do? What brings you to see me?


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