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Gateway get away

A Rocking.. err.. Pebbling.. err.. Pedaling Trip. IIT Bombay, Powai to the Gateway of India. I simply loved it!

The original plan was to land somewhere near Chowpatty beach, but I had some useless landmarks and I got lost. I was not too particular about going to a particular place, so didn’t try too hard to stay on track and was happy to end up at the Gateway. Thanks to the Mumbai local, I don’t know the road routes. But, again thanks to the Mumbai local, I have a general idea of the direction.

I woke up a bit later than scheduled, but almost made up for the delay until I reach my cycle to find the rear tyre fully flat. I quickly diagnosed the problem to be with the valve. But, I had no spare valve, unless, I “borrow” it from a cycle near-by. I replaced my valve with Vattam’s cycle’s and was good to go!

I didn’t have a big enough water bottle, and carried along only half a litre after drinking one half litre. The first half hour was a breeze; possibly the best part of the whole ride. High on energy and enthu. Then, my groin/ass started to hurt a bit. I pulled out my music player to drown the pain in music. This kinda worked and I pulled on pretty well until King’s circle. That’s when I emptied all the water I had. I hoped to find water along the way, if I badly needed it.

Sometime later, I had to take a right turn, but I never knew where. I didn’t bother to ask anyone, nor did I look at the landmarks I had scribbled down. I was happy to go straight ahead. :)

And by the time I reached CST/Fort, I did need water; badly enough. I stopped at the next open shop (that was not a pan-ki-dukaan) and got myself some Nimbu paani and a litre of water (for future).

The Gateway of India was just 10 minutes away from here.
Loitered around there, for about 40 minutes. There were a lot of Policemen all over the place. After about 5 minutes of me reaching there, they cleared the whole area right next to the Gateway of India. I don’t know why. (Also, all along the way, there were a lot of men in Khaaki. I guess there’s some rally or some such thing scheduled)

On the return, I lost my way almost immediately after starting. There was a one way road that I avoided and took the adjacent road but ended up going off-track. I had some doubts about this but they weren’t confirmed until I reached Mahalaxmi station! But there, a Taxi driver gave me rough guidelines to get back on my track. I turned back and soon was “back-on-track”.

I’d planned to have breakfast at Idli house, as soon as I saw it during my onward journey. So, I went directly to Idli house, and treated myself to a Rava idli and some wonderful Kaapi. The waiter got tipped well, too. ;)

From Matunga, back to IIT was straight forward; except for the growing traffic and the PITA (literally). The traffic signals were a bit annoying, too.

On the whole was an awesome trip! I loved it. Hope to go on more such rides. But, I guess I’ll head north-ward, the next time.

By the way, it was approx. 60kms on the whole and took me 5 hours (including the time I spent at the Gateway of India) with about 3 hours 40 mins of pedaling.. err.. rocking. :D

Here is a photoset

“The Planned Ride”

IIT to Chowpatty

  • Route Map
  • Landmarks

    1. Market Gate
    2. LBS Marg X Road
    3. Vikhroli Fire Station
    4. Bombay Textile Research Insti
    5. MTNL
    6. Kurla Fire Station
    7. Kurla garden
    8. Sion Station
    9. Turn Left on to Station Road
    10. Get on to Eastern Expr Highway
    11. Sion Circle
    12. King’s Circle
    13. Khodadad Circle
    14. Keep going on Ambedkar Marg
    15. K Desai Chowk
    16. Pass by Topiwala Building
    17. Turn right toward Sane Guruji Marg
    18. Continue onto Dr Anand Rao marg
    19. Hamied Chowk – Continue onto Dr Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar Marg
    20. Trivedi chowk
    21. Vartak Chowk – Turn right at Sardar Vallabhai Patel Rd
    22. Warekar Bridge
    23. GB Pant Chowk – Slight right at Dr N A Purandare Marg/Marine Dr

Actual Ride


  • Route Map
  • Timing

    Started at IIT-Bombay 2010-03-28 Sun 06:20
    Reached Matunga 2010-03-28 Sun 07:10
    Reached Gateway of India 2010-03-28 Sun 08:10


  • Route Map
  • Timing

    Started at Gateway of India 2010-03-28 Sun 08:50
    Reached Idli House 2010-03-28 Sun 09:40
    Started at Idly house 2010-03-28 Sun 10:00
    Reached IIT Bombay 2010-03-28 Sun 11:05

Stuff I was carrying

  1. water
  2. ID
  3. some cash
  4. paper, pencil
  5. mobile phone
  6. music player, ear phones
  7. digital camera
  8. rough map
  9. Geetanjali – Tagore


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