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git vs. mercurial

At work, we use hg and to be frank, I haven’t really got the hang of using it well. I’ve recently started using git for my own work and I’m loving it.

I chose git because

  1. github seems to be a nice place to hang around, as compared to bit-bucket.
  2. org-mode uses git and I need to learn to use git, if I intend contribute anything to org-mode.

But after using git for a month or so, I’m totally loving using git. The way it handles merges is awesome. People go gaga over it’s speed.

But for me, it’s the way it handles branches. I can have any number of branches on my machine, while pushing only changes in the master branch, upstream. I can easily merge changes from one branch to another. After putting up a lot of fight, I couldn’t make hg do this. Not as well as git does it!

I’ve now decided to convert my personal repositories to git. This blog post shows how to.


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