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A GNU and a friend

I now have a GNU! I bought it (a GNU soft toy) in memory of my friend swathanthran from #emacs-in. RIP swathanthran

As a bonus, I got the chance to have a photograph with just RMS and me. Also, hoping the monetary contribution will be of some use to FSF-India.

The thrill of getting the GNU (and the GNU itself) and shaking hands, getting photographed with RMS is dedicated to all the lafoots and specially to Voodoo, who taught me the meaning of the word “hacker”.

Happy Hacking!

ps: I just hope and pray nobody else does anything as stupid and shocking as what swathanthran did.


Comments on: "A GNU and a friend" (9)

  1. When do we get to see the PIC with two deadly duo? And yeah happy hacking, lage raho :)

  2. Indeed happy hacking!

  3. Really sad for Swathanthran. Wish no one has the freedom to do what he did.

    Great, you met your bhayya! :D How vividly I remember you guys’ initial days into the spirit of hacking, and how fascinated and excited you were, exploring a world of interesting stuff on that old comp at Voodoo’s room! Ah! Awesomeness! Voodoo!

    Hacky Happiness!

  4. Kartik Krovvidi said:

    Aah! I was the lucky one to have a room between Punch’s and Voodoo’s rooms :D. Some enthu rubbed onto me too :P Rubbed so well, that I managed GNU/Linux on my system for one year without any of these two guys around and zero knowledge :P and I call it GNU/Linux and not linux

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