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Pair Blogging

2010-08-08 Sun 00:05

I like the idea of pair blogging. Cate and Sacha, seem to be doing it (intentionally or not). One person blogs on a topic he/she’s presently thinking about and the other person posts his/her views on the same issue. Well, comments are meant for that, but a blog post seems to give you greater freedom.

PS: I called it pair-blogging. I don’t know if it already has a name or if pair-blogging means something else.


Comments on: "Pair Blogging" (4)

  1. Let’s do? :P [That would mean I would have to increase my frequency of posting by almost as much as how much yours is! :P ]

  2. yay! 100! Treat! :P Lift your keyboard up to thank your readers ;)

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