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Vimperator and Firemacs!

For the uninitiated, vimperator is an emacs plugin to get Firefox working with vim keybindings and firemacs1 is for emacs keybindings.

I’m obsessed with emacs (as should already be evident) and can’t really edit text without it’s key-bindings. There are others like me, and hence the firemacs plugin. It’s a blessing for my tribe.

Firemacs is great, except for the one great feature that it lacks – being able to jump to links/textareas without using the mouse. I’ve seen Nishanth do it with ease, using Vimperator. I wanted to add this feature to Firemacs, by copying some code from Vimperator to Firemacs. I directly started looking at the code, but couldn’t make head or tail of it. I got a few doubts about how Vimperator works, since I’d never used it. Nishanth asked me to simply install it and try it out.

And then we had our EUREKA! moment. Vimperator and Emacs both enabled together work seamlessly well. Two obsessed people are happy and satisfied! And hopefully many more. :D


1 Key-bindings are a religious thing, in the world of editors!


Comments on: "Vimperator and Firemacs!" (5)

  1. oh boy, do i feel like slapping you upside down and across with a printed elisp manual… (not really ;)
    no need for vimperator, firemacs works great with LoL and if you want really great text editing it’s all text can be setup to use emacs from a keybind

    • punchagan said:

      I’d be happy OK with it, if you leave back the elisp manual with me. ;)
      I tried out LoL, it’s neat. But, I like the simplicity of vimperator. I’m not leaving it! :D

  2. Maybe you can try keysnail. It provides emacs style keysbinds and has one plugin can visit link withous mouse

  3. Try keyconfig too.

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