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2010-07-26 Mon 10:59

After a trek, I had an interesting conversation with Ritesh, about taking pictures during a trip. He said, he started to realize that when he’s lost in the cycle of click, see, analyze, click, … when he’s got a cam in his hand. He didn’t have a cam on this trek and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I connect to this phenomenon, as well. I think, like Ritesh says, having separate trips for Photography makes sense. On other trips, we could be clicking, but just for the sake of memory. Trying to get amazing photographs shouldn’t be a goal. I should refrain from –

  1. looking at the output and adjusting repeatedly until it’s perfect.
  2. clicking too many pictures in a given length of time.

For both of this, a film camera seems to be the solution!

What say, Ritesh?


Comments on: "Looking through the view finder" (3)

  1. Me, UC and Vandith do it the best. We take the big fat digi-cams along, and leave the lil lithium cells behind.
    Btw, agree.
    But, the great pics we get sometimes, without actually analyzing and trying much, are a real bonus! They make me real happy, as well. “Em theesaav ra photo” kanna “Em vachindira photo” comes with an element of surprise, and that is exciting, in a way,

  2. ‘But’ can be replaced with ‘And’ over there.

  3. A film camera is a good solution, definitely better than a digital camera with its display turned off. It’s hard to resist the temptation to look at the pics after capturing them. That wastes a lot of time.

    And yeah, not having a camera with me on the trip was a completely different experience. I spent all my time just observing things around me. I had planned to write a poem while atop the hill that day but I could not. I was busy with other, more enjoyable stuff. I was trying to balance myself against the wind on the edge of the cliff along with Punch and Mohan. And then lying there with closed eyes for about half an hour, doing nothing (perhaps only hearing the sound of the wind), and then opening my eyes to see the breathtaking view from the hill. That was some experience. And it was only possible because I didn’t have a camera with me otherwise I’d have been busy seeing through the viewfinder most of the time.

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