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org2blog README

This is a test post from org2blog to test posting subtrees.


org2blog provides a simple way of publishing from org-mode to WordPress blogs. Presently supports posting with categories, tags and images. It uploads images on the local system automatically to your wordpress blog.

It is inspired by and based on a wordpress posting client for muse-mode written by Ashish Shukla.

org2blog is licensed under GPLv3


Download org2blog for github

git clone

Add the org2blog directory to your load path and then add

(require 'org2blog)

to your dot emacs. You can optionally save the xmlrpc url of your blog and the username.

(setq org2blog-server-url ""
      org2blog-server-user "username")

Note – org2blog depends on xml-rpc available at Launchpad. Add it to your load-path before using org2blog.


  1. Log in using M-x org2blog-login. Provide xmlrpc url, username, password and blog-id (not in use now; useful when editing posts). Optionally, you could set these in your .emacs.
  2. To start writing a new post use M-x org2blog-new-entry. Tags to your post are comma separated values passed to KEYWORDS. Categories are comma separated values passed to DESCRIPTION. Completion (for both) is triggered using C-c t. If a new category is used you will be prompted before adding it.
  3. Use C-c p to Publish or C-c d to post as draft. Use C-c P to Publish as page or C-c D to save page as draft.
  4. You could also publish your exiting org files.
    • Add #+TITLE, #+OPTIONS, #+KEYWORDS, #+DESCRIPTION, #+DATE, to your file. All of these are Optional. If a #+TITLE is absent, your post will be untitled.
    • If you wish to edit an existing post, add a #+POSTID.
    • To post as draft – M-x org2blog-post-entry
    • To publish – C-u M-x org2blog-post-entry
    • Alternatively, you could enable org2blog-mode using M-x org2blog-mode. This provides the key-bindings C-c p, C-c d and C-c t.
    • To post entry as a page, use M-x org2blog-post-entry-as-page
  5. Thanks to Sacha, you can now also post a subtree with M-x org2blog-post-subtree. Tags of the subtree will be used for tags. Other properties can be set using a property drawer.
  6. To delete an entry or a page –
    • If you are in the buffer of the entry/page, with #+POSTID present on the page, use M-x org2blog-delete-entry or M-x org2blog-delete-page
    • If you want to delete a particular post (whose post-id is known) from any buffer, use C-u post-id M-x org2blog-delete-entry. Similarly, for a page.


  1. You may want to look at the Export options and HTML export sections of the org-manual.
  2. If you wish to post to blogger from org-mode, look at the g-client extension by T. V. Raman.


Comments on: "org2blog README" (5)

  1. hi punchagan. I got a problem with org2blog, as well as with org-mode exporting.

    | |
    | Analysis |
    | |
    | Design |
    | |
    | Programming |

    I drawed a graph like above in artist-mode, but published version by org2blog shows different. It strip and realign this graph, so published version looks wired.

    So can you help me about this.

    Best regards, Thank you.

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