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Another 60 …

I’d We had been on a 60 km long trip today. My second one, and Ritesh’s first. The map of our route is here. On the whole the ride was wonderful! A thoroughly enjoyable one. It was near perfect, with it raining only as much as we enjoyed an not anymore. :)

  • The ride on Godbander Road was the most enjoyable part of the ride. Simple Wonderful! That’s what made the trip worth it!
  • It was more relaxed than my previous ride and it took us about 5 hours on the whole. We must’ve been pedalling for about 4 hours. I don’t have the “actual” figures.
  • Except for the stretch of Western express highway (service road) from Jogeshwari to a little after the Sanjay Gandhi National park’s entrance, the road was decent. The Eastern Express highway service road was awesome!
  • Cycling alone is totally different from cycling with someone else. We didn’t really go together, but we were meeting up once in a while. The loneliness, of rides on which you are alone, is absent. But waiting for, or catching up with the other guy is a bit tricky. I wonder how it would be with a bigger group.
  • I tried to keep going at about 60% effort and I still had quite a bit of juice left in me, at the end of the ride.
  • My cycle is definitely good! I really only understood this after exchanging my cycle.
  • Exchanging cycles felt nice. A slightly different set of muscles were in action. The newness kinda helped.
  • I should probably get myself a bigger round frame spectacles. Or I’m craning my neck a bit too much, to keep looking ahead, while pedaling. How about contacts?
  • The problem with riding on the left of Highways is that you “compete” with heavy vehicles. It sometimes gets a bit scary.
  • I should get a helmet soon.
  • I should get in touch with local cycling groups and tag along with them on a couple of rides. I’ll get to learn a lot of things.
  • Ritesh took a few pics with his phone. Photos in some later post or with an update.
  • Where to next? A ride inside the National park, probably or the wonderful roads of Navi Mumbai.

Kudos Ritesh!

UPDATE: A few pictures, that Ritesh clicked on his phone. All the photos were on the Godbander Road.


Comments on: "Another 60 …" (13)

  1. Amit Sethi said:

    I am impressed dude … wooot !!!

  2. Wogey. Time for the Bangalore charter to catch up. Awesome guys!

    By the way, can people come down to Hyd this weekend? We’ll all ask Sumo if he can stay back :P And Sumo badly wants to go for a ride. So, we owe him that much? :P A practice ride for the “grand finale” in December? ;) Let’s?

    • punchagan said:

      Go! Go! Go!

      I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this weekend. It’ll take more than two days to cycle down there. ;)

  3. Srinivas Chaganti said:

    Dear Puneeth:
    Pleased to see that you did a 60 mile cycle ride.

    Glad to see you enjoying life!

    Srinu Babai

  4. Wow! Awesome route kada!

  5. sounds rejuvenating mate!
    i will join you soon.

    on the other hand, lens for better cycling experience? Hmmmm!!!
    (you get a head band sort of a thing for your specs – fastens specs to your head and keeps them in position (you get them in sports shops!)


    • punchagan said:

      So, when are you joining in? ;)

      The problem is not with fastening of specs. When I bend forward and pedal, I’m looking from above the frame and not through the lens, which is inconvenient.

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