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I’m back

After a short break, I’m back to blogging! A few things have changed meanwhile. A lot haven’t.

  • Noetic Nought shall now be called Rustic Reverie.
  • The Blogs I read page is now manually populated. More pages might be coming soon.
  • My web presence has almost been reduced to just this blog. I hope to be blogging more often this time around. I guess I’ll have shorter and more frequent posts. “Release early, Release often.”
  • I’ve been inspired by Sacha Chua and her wonderful blog. She puts up anything that –
    • she may look up in future.
    • could be remotely useful to anybody on this planet.

    I like her idea of “thinking of writing as sketching”. “Keep repeating yourself, until the core message floats to the top”. It feels similar to the idea – “Release early, Release often.”

  • Also, Thanks to Madhu and Vattam who set an impossibly high standard by having their resumes and letters of recommendations and other “personal” stuff on version control on public repositories.
  • All my posts will be made from org2blog – a little org-mode based client that I hacked up. Emacs and Org-mode all the way! This is the first post by me (and probably anybody) from org2blog!

Comments on: "I’m back" (4)

  1. Welcome back saar! You are welcome, but never thought we’ll get a mention in “I am back” post ;-)

    I am too inspired now to resume blogging :)

  2. punchagan said:


    Go! Go! Go! ;)

  3. yay!

    seriously! this name of the blog is absolutely superb… far far better than noetic nought! wasn’t that pessemistic!

    yah! go go go!

  4. […] Org-mode, I missed the ability to quickly publish my notes from my personal information manager. A backlink on my blog led me to punchagan’s org2blog, which I’m using to create this test […]

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