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talk at GNUnify’ 10

Shantanu and I conducted a workshop on Scipy at GNUnify ’10. It was intended to be an introduction to Scipy and Numpy through Image processing. We expected an audience which was python literate. But GNUnify’s schedule wasn’t too favorable for us. Ours was the first talk scheduled and we ended up getting people who only “heard” of Python, the language.

We had planned quite a bit of stuff expecting a python literate audience. But unfortunately, we had to start almost from scratch and couldn’t do all of what we planned. Still, the workshop wasn’t too bad. Nobody left mid-way during the 2 hour workshop; nobody was dozing either.
I would have liked my first talk at a FOSS event to be better, though.

Slides and Images that we used.
Shantanu’s post on the talk is

Comments on: "talk at GNUnify’ 10" (3)

  1. Well done for keeping the wheels rolling, guys! I hope you’ll soon get the chance to teach some image processing using SciPy. Work will resume imminently on scikits.image, which we hope to make an excellent weapon in the image processing arsenal.

    • punchagan said:

      “an excellent weapon in the image processing arsenal” – sounds exciting!
      Also, Thanks Stefan, for the comment. I’m encouraged to do better.

  2. That’s precisely why I decided not to go to GNUnify- the schedule. I was really looking forward to the Scipy session- but I wanted to go through an introductory Python session before that since my basic Python skills were quite rusty. I was really very disappointed when the schedule was announced.

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