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Good, Bad or Human?

Well, this could be called a post after ages, considering that most of previous posts have just been ‘news reports’. I have been wanting to make a post since long, but I probably lost it. I really am unable to write anything that I find worth posting [It does raise questions about the existence of this blog. I’m writing this, to answer that question to myself.]

This post is provoked by an act of sharing, an act of kindness, an act of goodness, that surprised me. This post isn’t about the act itself, but it’s about me being surprised. Why on earth should I (or anybody) be surprised, when someone is just being human? Aren’t human beings meant to be and feel human?

I wonder why people say, “this is a bad, bad world.” I find a lot of goodness and humanness around me. Unless I strain my memory really hard, I can only recall people who try to be as good and nice as they can be; People trying to be as human as possible. Either there’s something utterly wrong with my judgment of people or there’s something wrong with the general feeling that the world is a bad, bad place.

There’s one other possibility that just strikes me – I am so nice to people that, everyone else tries to be nice with me. I don’t think I am such a big deviation from the average. I’m just another goat, in the great herd.

And another one, I’m in a really special place, presently. I have been only to the special places. I have visited only the places that are at an extreme, far away from the ‘average’ place in the world. But, given I’m just another goat in the great herd, this is very unlikely. I am probably grazing at a random spot on the great grasslands.

Since these are ruled out, it boils down to either a wrong judgment or a wrong general feeling.

Coming to my judgment, I wouldn’t call myself an Oracle or the wise one, but I’m no dumb ass either. Well, taking the statistical route, the number of times I’ve had any real “nasty” surprises in dealing with people has been much lesser than the number of times things turned out nearly as expected. My judgment could, therefore, possibly given some credibility.

So, that leaves me with just one possibility. The idea that the world is a bad, bad place is not entirely true, if not completely absurd and outright wrong. The world is really a nice place, with “human” beings inhabiting it. The nasty surprises that you get, really are the surprises and not the general rule.


Comments on: "Good, Bad or Human?" (4)

  1. It is true that people are predominantly kind, but is that enough to make it a ‘good world’? There are other factors. Also, kindness itself may not be welcome all the time.

    Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.
    Aldous Huxley

    Ah, if only people thought!

  2. Hmm

    Coming to the pointless issue of speaking the “absolute”, as i always do to push down the mundane things outta my mind that bedevil many of us – ther’s neither nothing good, nothing bad and nor is any point thinking hard on the not-so-brighter side of the world.
    Ya true is that people around us say BAD BAD WORLD often and brighter faces like U often brighten da place a bit.
    But mny tyms i found ppl losing on morale and focus and its thru venting the impatience n anger by bulshittin da innocent wrld around thrby trigger things tht wil re-kindle some fire tht keeps’em goin.Its thru dis vent of anguish one might be finding deir strength n support to get things go on.

    Bottom line – Swearing is not bad all da tyms and Swearers are not absolute any of the times.
    And if U hear one more BAD BAD WORLD..slap da guy n ask ” Any brighter ideas dude?!”

  3. punchagan said:

    Yes, having people with good intentions doesn’t make the world “good”. Totally agree.
    I just intend not to be surprised by good coming my way and hopefully start expecting people being good, instead of the other way round.
    Srujan, I didn’t get the point you were trying to make.

  4. avinashsonee said:

    Hey dude. srujan thought this post was by me and was relating to me. so i guess that’s y it didn’t make sense.

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