me, thinking out loud…

What is… ?

This is a free world,
you are free to will and whim,
can it, at the cost of,
your brother n his freedom,be?

Life is price’less’,
the big shots say, we realize.
is it why, you sell ya brethren’s life,
cheaply, for personal gain?

The human’kind’, we call ourselves,
aren’t the rivers, the air,
the forests or our mother earth,
worthy of our acts of kindness?

We are making rapid strides,
from the micro to the nano,
is it just in sci & tech, or does
it coop in our loves and lives too?

The world’s a small place,
the wise and learned say,
is that why, not all have,
a roof, under which to stay?

Its a world of press n media,
is it why we are pressed at,
with news that’s dubious,
in truth and worth as well?

We are all for world peace, they say,
do you alone, make up “the world”? I ask
How else would war, uncalled for
bring about world peace?

I want my piece is all I hear.


Comments on: "What is… ?" (4)

  1. was brooding over a thought similar to this but might seem a bit despondent.

    Was thinking how living on mars in future might be. will the same shit prevail there too ? :p

  2. what can i tell ye mate…you are awesome. plz keep sailing.

  3. punchagan said:

    I think the same shit will be there in mars too. But I think, if we make it the moon, we can get rid of all the shit. ;)

    i’m a n00b dude and you are amongst those who inspire me. my sailing, depends a lot on you and others.

  4. “eppudochav annadi kadu – bullet diginda leda annadi”

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