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A sabbatical

This post, is a different one in a couple of ways.
Firstly, I posted this from within emacs! I’m using the w3m browser within emacs to post this. I’ve started using (trying to use) emacs again. Hope to keep at it longer this time.
Secondly, I wish to inform junta about my sabbatical for a couple of weeks. I have decided not to use IM/IRC/SocialNetworking sites for the next couple of weeks. [00:00:00 IST 6th Jul’08 to 23:59:59 IST 19th Jul’08] I will, of course, be using mail and will also blog if and when I feel like. This is an experiment triggered by a few ideas from Chaitu[1]and my own holiday lifestyle analysis. (Also Chaitu has volunteered to join me.) Hope to make it through and also get some valid, interesting results out of the experiment.

Update: Firemacs add-on for firfox is very useful. I couldn’t get a decent browser for emacs that could open gmail, so I’m using Firefox with the Firemacs add-on to compose my mail. Its absolutely amazing. Believe me! [Jul 6, 2008]

Links, References:
[1] Chaitu – Poetic Paradigm


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  1. […] sometimes think, a bit too much, but then…. the internet is “The Internet”! [1] sabbatical – my previous post [2] sabbatical – Chaitu’s Blog [3] ELIZA – Wikipedia « I wish […]

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