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Unitedly Independent!?

First things first…

स्वतंत्रता दिनोत्सव की शुभकामनायें
Wish You All a Happy Independence Day..
స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు…
[yes, I know just three of the eighteen… and no foreign ones.. ]

Every year, during this time of the year, the papers and news and blogs and all other such media, are filled with analyses, comments, opinions and all sorts of things on the progress made (and not made) by Independent India…. the flavour of patriotism that was only subtle all this while, tends to grow upon us as the Day arrives and I’m no exception.

Being an average Indian, just one amongst the Billion, the progress (or non-) is a very big issue for me to comment on and I would leave that job for the better qualified or the more courageous ones. But I wonder, I (just) wonder…..

Come August and its the beginning of a new semester, bringing along “Elections” in campus. This time is no different… I can see people gearing up…. campaigning has begun even before the announcement of elections or nominations… and what goes on here?

  • “Dude.. I don’t need to campaign.. there’s enough guys from our state in our hostel.. so contesting= winning.. don’t worry!”
  • “Look dude.. both of us are from the same state.. so I know you will be obviously voting for me.. but still if you want, you can have a look at my Agenda… “
  • “Hey, its not important for me to tell you my agenda… its sufficient for you to know that my opponent hails from the other half of the country (North-South)where we hail from..
  • “People.. we need to make sure that only one person, belonging to our state contests for this post… or the votes will get divided”

Where are those ideals of unity and brotherhood? Isn’t it important that the best person be chosen? Shouldn’t the abilities of a candidate be considered rather than where (s)he hails from or what tongue (s)he speaks? Isn’t it an irony, that all this happens precisely during this time, when the whole nation is celebrating the birth of an Independent India?? Shouldn’t at least the celebrations be able to evoke the emotions of brotherhood, love and equality amongst us?? Shouldn’t the fact that all of us are here with a purpose, a common goal of education, enough to get over the differences of language and origin? Shouldn’t the interests of the College and the Students overpower such minor issues??


Comments on: "Unitedly Independent!?" (7)

  1. politician in general != a leader…

  2. Poly-tricks .. jus pity them.. n also who vote tht way.. the same person who reminded me tht hes frm my state had to say to someone else tht regionalism is bad.. there are some better options sometimes.. else there is the best option always.. ‘none of these’..
    and the disputes; chains and hockey bats.. Jesus! a scaled down model of elections in India..

  3. it’s interesting that you brought out the regional divides within a country, but considering the larger picture ain’t countries too regional divides and patriotism a type of regionalism?

  4. for me.. one.. u being in the commty may come to use to it.. the other.. being from the commty may come to use to u..

  5. punchagan said:

    i guess not.. i think what i would call regionalism is perverted patriotism and.. not just patriotism..

    i think patriotism.. is a virtue.. and its basically a feeling of love.. which in-turn.. gives birth to a feeling of service.. a desire to serve the community/people & all other stuff.. around u…

    n what i think i wud call perverted patriotism is.. a hate for others.. with a false notion that.. love to our country implies a hate towards others..

    what do u think?

  6. do u mean to say that patriotism is a healthy version of regionalism?

    can’t regionalism also be a positive thing like patriotism?

  7. punchagan said:

    this is what I think…
    Patriotism is something born out of love and involves a feeling of sacrifice and regionalism is something that might be born out of anything from love to narrow-mindedness… but moves on to contempt for others.. rather than a feeling of sacrifice for the country/region.

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