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These days my strolls, in the blog-o-sphere, have grown manifold both in their numbers and lengths. And with every passing step… self doubts mount up. I begin to wonder if my blogs even worth its w8 in ‘seconds’. Like the thousands of others in this world, I could post something in one of these genres but..

  • Techno Blog. [On various latest hardware, softwares, gadgets et al..]
    But I ain’t a geek to be able to post such stuff. If I ever posted something of this genre.. it would just be a copy-paste job.. isn’t of any great value, given the readership of my blog.
  • Scientific Blog. [With the latest advances in various disciplines of Science]
    Again a case similar to the previous one. Not of much use
  • Literary Blog.[Stories n Poems n other Creations.]
    I ain’t a creative being and rarely indulge in such creative acts. Would be foolish
  • PhotoBlog.[Creative Pics/Paintings, Worthy of Display]
    I own no camera and don’t borrow one too often. Also haven’t got a very Creative eye to capture magic from the ordinary. Un-healthy
  • Daily Diary. [An account of my day-to-day tidings]
    My life ain’t overflowing with adventures. I am presently leading a non-adventurous, pretty monotonous life that would be uninteresting to readers of all classes. Ruled out for the lack of utility.
  • Current-affairs Blog. [An account of today’s, this week’s happenings]
    Not interested in being a Journalist, there’s already lotsa people who can handle the job better.
  • Humour Blog. [Laugh and Let Laugh!]
    Again there’s a lot of it already online, and with a sense of humour like mine, the difference made would be Nought.
  • Inspirational Blog. [Inspire others to do their best.]
    Its pointless preaching what I don’t practice. That would be hypocrisy.
  • Information Blog. [Any info possibly..from pet-care to ethnic goan recipes…]
    I haven’t yet crammed in so much into the super-computer on my top-floor to beat Google.
  • A Mixed Bag. [Posts of multiple genres]
    Impossible. The bag’s already empty for every item of it has already been ruled out.

Do I still need a BLOG?

ps: Prevention of boredom-induced-insanity is the one and only genuine reason(known to me) for the continued existence of my blog.


Comments on: "Posts.. 2" (6)

  1. hii punee,

    there may be many blogs existing…or it may be copy paste…but u have to leave your own mark on anything your way to show your talent..let it be anything any feild..nways love the way you write…very composite.keep in touch.

    love priya.

  2. punchagan said:

    hey hi!!!
    quite a surprise! first things first.. how did u find me??? n hows life treating u? wr r u now? n wat u up2?

    n coming to leaving a mark… ya leaving quite a few marks alone.. in acads.. :P
    n showing my talent is what i fear.. for i have nought!

    keep in touch
    [btw wats wid ur mail id?!?!?!?!?! also ur blog not off the blocks yet.. so.. ]

  3. punee i am in uk now busy making up my mind in making my sweetest home, at present in overcoming the new turn of marriage in my life.i will be happy to have youe e-mail yahoo is better,to keep in touch


  4. at least when your point of view differs from the ‘normal’ it makes sense to write it. e.g. the one about ‘scientists’. so i say, continue the blog!

  5. Hacta Gatee said:

    you know what…this one is quite post…

  6. write right!!.. theres no stop here..

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