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I am beginning to notice something about my posts [ok.. there aren’t many that make it here.. :P] There are sometimes, when I feel I should write about a specific thing. I feel as if, there has to be a post about this, and there’s no way I can’t write about it.

But then I have limited access to net here… and even less time when I’m alone, to write up something. I definitely cannot access net immediately, whenever I get that ‘feel’ to write about something. So the post is postponed… And later, when I think about it, or do get access to net… it seems that topic isn’t worth writing.. or that ‘feel’ isn’t there anymore..

I wonder if this would have been the case with my other posts too.. if only I waited longer to post them?? [But on reading some of the older posts I don’t feel so much that way…] Am I being lazy?? [Is this how other blogs die down?] Is it that my life is dull and boring here (if it was so bad.. I guess I would’ve managed to write about boredom! :P).. and there’s nothing worth writing? [and I am just thinking of something to keep my blog alive?] Is my blog closer to its end than it is to its beginning? [I don’t think so.. its only a matter of time before I get back to coll.. :P] But is it the best way to be posting [instinctively… immediately]??? Or is there something better that I should be learning.. that I should have learnt by now??

BTW.. why do people blog at all?? What’s the whole point of Blogging? [Yes, I haven’t still understood what it is.. even after about 30 posts…]


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  1. cloud9trt said:

    “I don’t think so.. its only a matter of time before I get back to coll.. :P”

    i had many things to write abt.. but jus couldnt..or didnt..
    but tht doesnt mean it can never come up, though out of context.. i can mention the whole context and then say what i wanted to.. tht way i can put up bigger posts too.. :P
    until the content is worth sharing.. context lite..

  2. punchagan said:

    its not about being out of context..
    i feel.. the content is not worth writing about.. or my views on that topic aren’t worth expressing or watever..
    may be i don’t feel so strongly about it later.. or i dunno wat..
    lite.. :D

  3. hello,
    i post when I the ‘content is worth sharing’.
    and your views may or may not be important but you can definetely contribute your two cents!

  4. punchagan said:

    yes, agree… that i can post if the content is worth sharing..
    but the point i tried to make.. [or i realise now.. ] is that.. what seems worthy of sharing once.. doesn’t seem so later..

    its something like u said in ur post (comment).. “when i think of it.. everything collapses.. “…
    I c that as something too trivial to be shared..

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