me, thinking out loud…


i am feeling terribly alone
i feel like i did never before
and this poem, therefore…

is it cos a friend’s gone
to return, never again?
but there are others around
and of them, i’m proud

is it cos i’m away
from home, sweet home?
but its been quite a long stay
and i never felt so lonely…

i wonder why, then
do i feel terribly alone.


1) one of the rare occasions, when I felt like writing a poem.[obviously, something is seriously wrong.]

2)you may choose not to call it a poem

Update: I found this during my not-so-random-blog-walks.

“..Alone is not a bad way to be;

it clears your head and focuses you on the journey.

Cherish the short intervals during the quest you have with others,

but be prepared to walk alone in the darkness.”[11/05/07]

Update: Interesting quote from a story…

“… no one is never really alone. Even when there is not other perso around, there still must be someone. Someone who made you and therefore cares what happens to you. Someone who will help you if you do the best you can. So you’re never alone. You can’t be alone, no matter what you do. That’s the secret of happiness, of doing things well, of everything…”

— Larry in The Star by Arthur Gordon[28/05/07]


Comments on: "Alone…" (9)

  1. i din c this ter.. how??? nyways.. i call it a nice lil poem..

  2. i call it a ggood poem.. :)

  3. y my comments not gettin posted??? !!!

  4. hey nice poem.. u shud continue writing them, there is nothing wrong with u if u do feel like writing poems..heheh

  5. punchagan said:

    thanks! surprised u ppl managed to call it a poem.. and a good one at that!! omg!

    btw..there’s nothin wrong in feeling like writing poems but… its something i almost never felt like… :)

  6. punchagan said:

    @ 9: ur comments went into spam… dunno why.. [something to do with ur service provider at home??]

  7. hey pune….
    didnt know the hidden poet in you…. keep penning..

  8. punchagan said:

    hehe.. nothing much.. just one rare ocassion… :P
    Update: Interesting quote from a story…

  9. Hacta Gatee said:

    to express one self and/or emotions frankly in text is damn tough…i swear…

    keeping blogging

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