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Long Lost Letters….

A few days back I received a letter from a friend, via post! [I know most of you can’t believe this… but ya.. its true..] I wouldn’t have believed it too… if only he didn’t tell that to me when we met online… {He spoilt the fun for me! :-(}
So before going to dinner one day…(a couple of weeks back..).. I checked out the Hostel Assistants room for any post…. and “it” was right on top of the pile!! [Now that I speak of a pile don’t imagine that a lot of people here get personal letters… most of them were business correspondence, magazines or likewise…] Neways.. it was a great feeling to even look at it!! A white envelope… and my name on it.. in his most familiar writing on it…[no.. i don’t get letters from him often.. we have been classmates for quite some time.. so…] … the stamp [A leapard cat!]… and the two postmarks.. [of Pilani & Zuarinagar!! :-P]… Holding the letter in my hand.. it felt wonderful!! [I wanted to read it right then…. but went along for dinner…]

After dinner… and a little time in the Children’s Park… [relaxing.. wid 9,UC,Voodoo n Ringo]… I opened it! It was absolutely thrilling… to see a couple of pages written in ink [he still uses ink pens!! ;-)]… With full enthu.. i read the letter.. and obviously once wasn’t enough to satiate my hunger.. i went through it over and over and over… [i wanted to scribble down a reply ASAP… but we had waves and quark coming up.. so i waited for them to get over (I could’ve written another one right??)…to get more matter into my letter..]

Why is such a simple joy of getting a letter from a friend [there is email.. but… for me its nowhere close to snail mail…] become so rare these days?? [Something that was such a regular feature of the recent past.. is almost extinct now!!] Telephone and the Internet…. they are the culprits… (are they??…..) In today’s global village… is post a bit too slow for comfort? Will survival of the fittest ensure the extiction of this wonderful species in the world of communication…??

Is a letter just a matter of communication…?… Isn’t there anything more to it… [Obviously there is… otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a blog-post on it…I would never think of writing a post on an e-mail I get!! (unless it is superhuman.. or something..)!!] Aren’t we losing out on something wonderful??

To attract good fortune, spend a new coin on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon.
— Chinese Proverb

The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.
Andrew Brown


Comments on: "Long Lost Letters…." (5)

  1. abs rite ra punch.. “the feel” is the key.. and an Indian post has its very own identity in the way its written n deliverd.. reminds me a story, “postman”, i came across in my childhood .. n also “missing mail” of malgudi days .. which u showd me..
    i promise u a letter.. lol

  2. punchagan said:

    Here’s a link to the episode of Missing mail!
    hehe.. thanx.. w8in for it

  3. avinashsonee said:

    Hey dude thnx to this post .. it reminded me that there existed something called “letters” (postal) in this world .. i, trying to keep pace wid this technological advancement almost forgot about letters .. it had been a loooooong time i wrote a letter ( :( dont even remember the last one ) .. and then started this SMS n email funda ..

    may be its time to start writing a letter .. cya :)

  4. arunvudem said:

    the feel is right
    and the thrill of getting a letter is something an email will never match.
    but don’t forget that the internet can be
    an excellent tool to connect even more people than the post could ever provided
    we can take it to a larger section than the current

  5. Kartik Krovvidi said:

    yaa 9 and voodoo,a complete nod … but now that 9 reminded me of postman.. ok the story postmaster by rabindranath tagore…. its the only story that made me weep:( its an awesome one

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