me, thinking out loud…


Such wonderful things they are… bringing to us.. such a joy [even if its about something not so pleasant…]… the joy of discovering things.. of realising a truth… that was hidden somewhere within… brought out with an elegant swoooosh!!…

We, [9,Voodoo,Ravi,UC n me] were just walking on the street… enjoying the evening… after a nice day @ Quark [Day 2]… We were having a casual discussion… not discussing anything in particular… but somehow the discussion led to a project uc,ravi n me [ and probably the others are too..(they didn’t talk abt it…)] are interested in… [i don’t wanna give any more info abt the project.. bcos it may seem over-ambitious to a few.. not that it hasn’t been done already…. but…] neways….

so… while we were talkin abt it… uc said, he didn’t have any clue about that thing worked… and we all were wondering too… thinking about some possible solutions/methods….[I was actually trying to recollect something i came across… some time back…] but then suddenly 9 jumped in, to say…

Don’t think about how ‘that’ works… Just think about how ‘YOU’ would make it work!!

Oh my God!! now that’s what’s a REVELATION… I was just dumb-struck… that one small statement of his… drowned me in its depths… I feel I still haven’t come out of it… A big big revelation at the most unexpected of times, at the most unexpected of places…. [though 9 wouldn’t agree with this… being his usual modest self…]

Its been proved time and again… “they” can occur anywhere… anytime and to anyone… while you are on the street.. in your room.. at work… or even in the loo… [Most ppl have a lot of them here!!].. we just need to keep our eyes n ears open… and most importantly our Mind……

ps: it seems…me not delving out the details about our ambitious project.. makes this post a little vague, uninteresting n difficult to relate to… but still…

In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind
Louis Pasteur

Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired.
Richard Kemph


Comments on: "Revelations…." (5)

  1. well voodo puts it best.. “thts a fluke”.. lol

  2. punchagan said:

    n u hate it when he calls it a “fluke”…

  3. A good post,,

    Let me not really get into ur topic but I felt like putting out one of such revelation from the same person 9.
    I find no time and mood these days to my favorite pass time painting,,,
    I was in dismay and said 9 that all my brushes got dusted these days,, the reply I got is
    “No worry, u always have another brush to dust ur brushes”, a very normal one but a sharp one, this made me think, realize n within two days my brushes and palette were full of colors,,
    Yes these kind of small facts which are uttered casually matter a lot in molding our thoughts and minds, and my experience surely says I came across many,,

  4. punchagan said:

    haha.. thats a typical “9”ish statement…. thanks for sharing it with me [us?]…

  5. arunvudem said:

    9isms rock
    lol 9 dont be so modest
    9isms are not at all “fluke”
    there is some class and deep intellect behind that stuff
    i liked the one abt the brushes

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