me, thinking out loud…

A DJ nite’s going on here.. for WAVES…. I just went there for a while…. The arrangements were pretty good… with Huge huge huge spks.. [I can still hear the Music quite loud.. sitting here in my room.. which is quite a distance form the Venue…] There’s real Heart throbbing music [Literally… With speakers of over 15000W your heart really throbs… dub.. dub.. dub…] being played there…

I was just wondering if we really needed such extravagant stuff… I know that such events bring ppl together… but do we need to spend so much money just to have a have a good dance with friends?? When a large number of people aren’t able to get their basic neccessities like a Square Meal, Clean drinking water, proper clothing and shelter… here we are enjoying a good dance with friends… with elaborately made extravagant arrangements… [of course the money isn’t ours… but…] [ I know a lot of guys wud’ve a lot to say against me…. but.. its ok..]

There can’t be perfect equality in this world… of which duality is an integral part…. every elementary particle has a dual nature… so its but obvious that every thing in this world has a dual to it… so its not possible to have a perfect world with everybody equally placed.. if there is a rich.. then there will be a poor… if there is joy.. then there will be despair… if there is light.. then there will be darkness…

But can’t we do anything… can’t we spread the light to every place that we possibly could?? Can’t we get together to minimize the difference? Join the race against nature… do your bit…

This, probably, is a good place to start off…


Comments on: "Essential-Extravagance??!!" (7)

  1. gr8,
    i really find less number of youngsters of this generation who instead forgetting themselves in the sounds of music and the lights of dance,worry abt sumone sumwhere suffering,,
    may be these thoughts of care wud shape up into future deeds of help,,
    good to find u so,,,

  2. lets form a CHAAYA out here.. rite time cos thots matchin for many.. i feel all r gettin together for it unknowingly..

  3. Kartik Krovvidi said:

    yaa complete affirmative 9! all the vectors pointing in the same direction.. or atleast having a component in the direction… so lets THINK abt that punch

  4. punchagan said:

    no lets not THINK abt it.. i know what happens whenever i start thinkin abt nething… it goes on and on and on.. until eternity… lets WORK for it??

  5. punchagan said:

    btw i’m honored to have some elite ppl.. commenting here ;)

  6. Anagha Mudigonda said:

    Good luck guys ..
    And I agree with you Puneeth .. doing something, even a teeny weeny tiny thing is so much better than thinking, analyzing and planning.
    You’ll see that even if what you do is miniscule and your effort is dissipated after a while, it’s still worthwhile doing it.
    The sense of fulfillment it leaves will be awesome.
    Let’s see what you do !!

  7. arunvudem said:

    sorry people
    missed out on the action coz i wasn’t here
    but ringo updated me today
    no more thinking and talking
    lets get to work

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