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Quark 07

This post is to promote QUARK’07… This post is here… little due to my desire.. and almost totally bcos somebody [the ppl here at coll..] expect “us” to do it..
Blogspot.. Orkut..[i don’t use it any more] were blocked on campus [don’t ask why cos none of us have been able to figure out.. atleast about Blogspot..] but the blocks have been lifted for a fortnight.. just so that we can publicise Quark [our techfest..] Its from 17th March to 19th March.. check out the link for more details..
So ppl.. Quark coming up :)…
and… blocks coming up too :(…
[But why Blogspot???]


Comments on: "Quark 07" (9)

  1. arunvudem said:

    lo raa..
    r u promoting the event or ru venting ur anger on the admins thru this post??????


  2. punchagan said:

    it depends on ur view.. “ur opinion”.. u see… [btw i dunno wat exaclty ringo wud say abt it.. but i can anticipate.. ;)]

  3. arunvudem said:

    the visual links and the title sponsor don’t agree with each other at all

  4. my bet on punch..

  5. punchagan said:

    bet on me?? who what why how when where???
    @voodoo[i can’t resist the temptaion of using this here…] i just copied the pic from the quark site..

  6. punchagan said:

    oh ok!! got it got it… i thot u were talking of the links inside the pic… got it now…

  7. punchagan said:

    how wud it be.. if i boycott this event.. cos M$ sponsors this event?? hehe ;) [i’m sure RMS wud’ve.. obly i’m not him.. :)]

  8. arunvudem said:

    i donno raa
    as a part of the insti i have a responsibility towards te insti….
    is it not??
    so maybe it’s a bad idea to boycott ur family even if someone is an ally with the devil.

  9. punchagan said:

    point well taken… but i’m not going to change the post!! :P [wasn’t it ob.. that i was not goin to boycott it?? ;)]

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