me, thinking out loud…

I am back Home!! After one more ordinary semester, (academically, otherwise quite a dramatic one actually) finally i’m back home! On my way back home……

It was 3:30 am. After about half an hour’s struggle to put myself to sleep, I gave up. I don’t know if it was the chill of the night, the stink of the urinals or the shared berth that I slept on, I couldn’t sleep. I decided to get up and have a stroll around. After some random walks, I sat down at the TTE’s seat and waited and waited and waited….

My last journey home, at the end of second sem was also quite similar. I spent a lot of time at the TTE’s seat…unable to sleep… waiting, waiting and waiting.. but it was quite different…. I was in the elite company of Hari (Hari Charan a.k.a Prongs… his nick in CS)

That journey is still very fresh in my memory… I spent most of it with him; The morning was busy and lively with DumbC’s n stuff like that. In the afternoon while the others were enjoying a good nap, we tried studying some C programming. [ he just loved programming and was excited about doing a lotta cool stuff during the summer] But the afternoon heat got the better of me and eventually i fell asleep…{I think, I induced a bit of sleep to him too ;-) }

That night is a most unforgettable one… after all our guys went to sleep, both of us decided to spend some time listening to songs and try to put ourselves to sleep. [ The songs of RDB aren’t lullabies by any measure! and the train was running too fast: we couldn’t hear clearly with just one earphone each, even if we were on the top berth]

So, we ended up discussing matters of common interest… we chatted on topics ranging from Movies to Religion and Culture to Dan Brown [he told me the whole story of Deception point in his trademark style!] to Games and Programming. I spoke my heart out… {and so did he; as he always did} [haven’t had any other discussion which comes close to it] After a couple of hours, we decided to get down and move around, to enjoy the cool breeze, to look at the villages and the fields going past… We shared the seat of the TTE for about an hour [that was the only window where we could sit : all the others had ppl sleeping beside them] … looking out of the window… enjoying the breeze.. [and each other’s company : I thoroughly enjoyed his.. hope it was the same with him too] and waiting, waiting and waiting…

We had already spent three nights waiting for him, but still didn’t lose hope. We hoped he would some how return or would be found safe somewhere under the sun. But that was not to be. He never returned… and all that was ever found was his body : lifeless… The rough seas had him their victim… “There’s no more Hari Charan, ra!”. Those were the words of nine.

Yes he is no more.Yet he is always here, immortal within our hearts… his memories we cherish with pride… proud to have known him and known by him… with awe and reverence we think of him… we just love him! But I’ll always miss that call of his, “Chogni!”

Luka Chuppi bahut hui…
saamne aa ja naa…
kahan kahan dhoonda tujhe…
thak gai hai ab teri maa…

Edit:1. 9’s Post on Hari is here
2. Arunodai’s Post on Hari is here


Comments on: "The Journey minus “The Man!”" (3)

  1. i remb tose words chagni.. exacly the same.. gr8 one.. i got the feel whih we usually talk of.. n did u get the same feel wen u stopd writin this.. tht.. “this is not enuf”..

  2. yes dude… its impossible 4 a small post like dis to be enuf… just a small drop in the ocean..dis one..

  3. Very Sorry ra!! That is bad man!! Very Bad! May God give him all the comforts where ever he may be. Good friends are rare jewels. We can’t afford to lose them. Now I get the essense of all your writings man.
    Nannagaru used to tell me one thing. In mahaprasthanam (The Journey pandavas did after the war to get to Swarga with their bodies) while they were going, one by one were falling down and dharmaraja was telling his still walking brothers not to look back but get along the long journey to heaven. Its always like that. I can’t tell you more about this at this time.

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